Sunday, April 1, 2012

17.5 Weeks

I'm happy to say that I gained 10 pounds last doctor is thrilled.  Especially since I lost weight the month before when I got so sick and had the food poisoning.  My babies are growing well, they were actually measuring 3-4 days ahead of schedule on my last ultrasound a few weeks ago.  The good thing about having twins is that I see a high risk doctor every 2.5 weeks and get an ultrasound every time, so I get to see my little boys very often.  It's funny because I can even see their individual personalities and although they are identical, they are very different.  My baby B is very active while my baby A is more relaxed.  I can feel them moving around now, yay!

I'm just so glad that I'm not so sick anymore, since I reached my second trimester things have gotten a lot better with me.  I actually feel like doing things even though my belly is the size of a 29 week pregnancy - I feel okay.


  1. Wonderful to hear that you're feeling better... and all is well :)) xoxo

    PS. I've gone public again... so will hopefully be easier to follow :) xo

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