Friday, December 30, 2011

10dp5dt - More Testing!

I went out and bought 3 more HPT's yesterday in order to confirm my BFP!  I took another in the middle of the day and it was still positive!  I'm very happy, but now I'm even more anxious for my beta and ultrasound next Tuesday, January 3rd.  It seems so very far away, now that I've caved and POAS!

I soooo hope and pray all goes well with my pregnancy!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

9dp5dt - Gave In!

I decided to give in and take a HPT yesterday afternoon because I was so sick the day before - not only did I have pms on steroids, I was also just miserable it seemed as if everything was hurting. My back, lower tummy, side, head, nausea, and pms. I honestly thought I was having horrible side effects from all of the IVF medications. I prayed....POAS, and closed my eyes and prayed some more and saw what appeared to be a very faint plus sign. I rubbed my eyes and cleaned my glasses....looked again and yes it was definitely a plus sign that was getting darker and darker. I was so excited, I called my husband to confirm that I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing. So I'm gonna go to the store tomorrow and stock up on more HPTs, the one I used was a cheapie - I just gotta make sure its still positive. So far, I think God answered my many many nagging prayers for a BFP!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

8dp5dt - PMS?

I've been so sick for the past couple of days.  It feels like my period is about to start at any moment now, but it seems to be taunting me at the same time.  I'm constantly running to the restroom to check because it feels wet down there, but there is no blood.  I feel a horrible combination of nausea, headache, mild stomach and back aches.

I know that PMS and pregnancy symptoms are sorta the same, I'm just hoping and praying that my symptoms are of the later.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

5dp5dt - Anxious!

I'm getting ready to get out and battle the crowds today, not because I need anything - my shopping is done.  I just really need to keep busy - occupy my mind.  Just trying to stay positive and continuously praying that these little beans are sticking and growing strong.  I decided not to take a HPT before my BETA and ultrasound scheduled for JAN. 3 - hopefully I can hold off that long.  I was scheduled to go in earlier but my schedule will not permit - by then I will be about 15 days post transfer.  That's crazy just thinking about it, I guess I love the torture.

I don't have any real symptoms, just dull lower back pain.  My breast are very sore and slightly swollen - I'm sure from the progesterone suppositories (3 x per day), those things are so messy.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Transfer Done!

I'm so happy and so very blessed that today went so well.  We were able to transfer two 5AA blasts!  Dr. S. says they will give me a call tomorrow and let me how many will make it to the freezer, although she estimates approximately 7 blasts will be frozen.  I'm so bad because I didn't get my print out before I left, but I do remember that of the original fantastic 14, all made it to day 5 - some are better than others though.  (2) 5AA, (3) 4AA, and I don't remember the rest but 11 were blasts.

Now I'm at home on bed rest trying to take it easy, hoping and praying my little jelly beans stick and I get my BFP on 1/2/2012, BETA day.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

ER Day 3 - Fert Report

Today is actually ER Day 4 but I'm sort of late with this post.  I received the call yesterday, early in the morning - btw I really look forward to those early morning calls.   He said my little embryos were looking gorgeous!  Whoa, really!  Thank you LORD!

(13)  8 Cell
(1)  4 Cell (the little slow poke of the bunch)

However, he advised that he would not be calling me this morning, since they don't do day 4 reports,  :(.  The good news is that I'm scheduled for my 5-day blast transfer tomorrow morning, yay!    

Saturday, December 17, 2011

ER Day 2 - Fert Report

Progress so far:

Of the 14 embryos retrieved and fertilized, as of this morning:

(10) 6-Cell
(4) 4-Cell

All growing normally.  Yay!  I can't wait for tomorrow morning's call - he says they should be up to 8-cells by then.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fert Report

All 14 of my embryos fertilized!  Oh my, I'm so excited.  We are tentitively looking at a 5-day transfer scheduled for this Monday.  I'm just hoping and praying that all continues to go well!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Retrieval Day

After stimming for 12 days - I finally got to empty the basket today, what a relief.  I'm very sore, but nothing that a couple of tylenol won't take care of.   14 follies were retrieved, thank God!  I should be getting call regarding their status tomorrow - but the nurse told me that my lining looked beautiful.  Hopefully all this equates to a BFP in a few weeks.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stim Day 8

I had another ultrasound today, my little follies are steadily progressing.  I have a few leads, but they are all within 2 mm of each other - the nurse says that's what they were hoping for.  They've grown, I think the largest one was bout 12 mm.  They also upped my dose of Menopur again, to 450 IU starting tomorrow, Stim Day 9.  Hoping to get the green light to trigger by Saturday, so I'm just praying that everything continues to go well and we don't have any problems.

Although I have aching ovaries, I'm not as uncomfortable as I anticipated I would be at this point, so I'm counting my many blessing!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stim Day 6

Yesterday, I went in for Stim Day 6 blood work and my 1st scan since starting the stims.  So far, so good - no more fluid in my uterus and they counted 14 little follies, all under 10 mm.  My Menopur dose was raised from 225 IUs to 375 IUs so well see if these little babies will start growing a little faster.  I'm scheduled to go back in tomorrow morning for another scan, possibly trigger on Saturday, and retrieve on Monday if all goes according to plan.  Just hoping and praying for no problems.

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  1. I love to bake.
  2. My husband and I were foster parents to a new born baby girl 2 years ago, she was returned to her mother after 14 months.  We were heart broken, but her mother seemed to really love her as well.
  3. I currently attend Law School full-time.
  4. I gave birth to a baby girl when I was 17 years old, and a senior in high school.  She is now 18 years old about to graduate high school and start college.  Yes, I raised her - (rather, we raised one another), she is such a blessing now - especially since I'm having such a hard time conceiving.
  5. I'm not crazy about the fur babies, that's just me I'm not a good pet owner
  6. Most people assume my daughter is my sister, lol!
  7. I'm currently doing IVF, my husband and I haven't told anyone - so if I get knocked up, everyone will be shocked.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stim Day 4

These finals have been kicking my butt, so I've had no time for blogging this week.  The good news is that it's almost over, I have two more exams to go then I'm done until January 9th.

IVF wise, I started my stims last Thursday - they decreased my Lupron and started the Menopur once per day.  I'm scheduled to go back to doctor this Tuesday for bloodwork and another ultrasound.  Hoping and praying I don't have any fluid in my uterus - since last week they told me that I had a little bit of fluid but not enough to end my cycle, so I'm a little freaked about that.

I'm just tired - I don't know if it's all the meds or just me being busy.  So far, my side effects have been moodiness, hot flashes (uhhh), and mild headaches.  I hope all this means the medication is working?  I would hate to be suffering in vain.  I'm so excited, just praying for a BFP around Christmas time!