Friday, February 10, 2012

10 weeks 2 days

I know I've been so out of touch, but I've been so so so sick.  Nausea, headaches, and feeling blah.  I'm going through the 1st trimester blues double time.  The good news is that the twins seem to be doing okay and appear to be healthy thus far.  I had my 10 week ultrasound done the other day and both babies are measuring just as they should, except one is measuring a day ahead of the other.  It was funny because Baby B didn't want to be still long enough for the tech to measure its heart rate.  All we could see were that little legs and arms just moving up a storm.  Finally she was able to get an accurate rate - 172 bpm, wow I guess he/she had quite a work out.  The other twin's heart rate was 168 bpm, so both have healthy hearts.

Since I graduated from the RE this week, I have an appointment with a Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor next this Thursday.  Since I am very high risk, this will be my doctor from here on out - no regular OB's or midwifes for me.  So I'm looking forward to a gazillion doctors appointments, either weekly or bi-weekly depending on what she wants to do.  So far, I have complete placenta previa which adds to my already existing list of risk factors - I'm 35, carrying Monochorionic/Diamniotic twins, and have a history of pre-term labor.  I pray every night that my babies continue to do well and that I will be able to deliver two healthy babies this summer.

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  1. Congratulations... sorry that I'm so far behind on your news. Great that they're going well & must be lovely to see them dancing around :) Hope your nausea improves. Love to you all xoxo