Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Here

I feel like I'm moving at lightening speed!  My period came the other night - today is day 2 of my cycle so I had to go into the office for blood work and am scheduled to start my birth control pills tomorrow.   This whole thing is crazy's been like a puzzle just falling together.  I hope it continues this way!

First of all, on Tuesday my husband and I were initially set for a new patient appointment at the RE's office  inquiring about starting IVF, since we were pretty sure was our only option at this point.  Once we arrived we were informed that there had been a problem with our insurance referral and they were running around trying to get the issue resolved.  Turned out that my PCP had not completed the referral or it was held up in some business office or something.  I was so upset because I had moved so many things around in my schedule in order to make the appointment.  I work and attend law school so I don't have a whole lot of time.

My husband wanted to reschedule but I opted to just pay for the visit out of pocket and work on the reimbursement later - finals are quickly approaching and I don't have time to rework this thing again.  The way I see it is, our insurance doesn't cover IVF or meds anyway, the only thing covered was my initial consultation and diagnostic testing.  If I'm gonna spend $15,000, what's a thousand or so more gonna hurt?  So finally, we make it back and the doctor comes in after going through my file and history - apparently fully aware of the chaos.  She asked if we would be interested in participating in a marketing IVF study that was going on in their office, using FDA approved drugs - which involves a $3800 out of pocket cost to us only.  The good thing is it's basically a study comparing two leading drugs - I guess the drug companies are in a battle to see who has the best fertility drug.  OMG!  Yes, that day had just gotten 100% better - doctor you just saved us over $11,000.  Thank you so much, I'm so glad I didn't reschedule!

Hopefully, everything goes well with my blood work so that I can continue in the study.... I think ovarian reserve is one of the things being tested.  I'm 35, with stage 4 endo.....just hoping and praying I still have few good eggs.


  1. Hi.. here from Cyclesistas :) Great that got to join in the study !! What a fantastic saving :)) I have a private blog... but happy for other IF/IVFers to have access. You can email me on and I'll send you an access link. Thinking of you for your cycle and great to be cycling with you xoxo

  2. Here from cyclesista too! Wow! That is greatness! I was excited about a free sample of ganirelix, but $11k is huge! I think this is a good sign!!

  3. I'm a cyclesista too! That's great you got into the study! Will you know what meds ou are taking? GL!