Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Gone!

Whoa!  Is it me or does Lupron make you really moody?  I'm so irritable lately, I think mainly because I'm always so nauseous from all these medications.  My belly is so so bruised already!  I'm really normally not a "Drama Queen", but oh how I've turned into one.

  1. Lupron Injections 
  2. Prenatal Vitamin
  3. Slow FE Iron Tablets (AM and PM)
  4. Questran Powder Mix (result of my endo bowel resection surgery)
  5. Antibiotic (AM and PM)
My poor husband has been catching it and I don't really know if he deserves it this badly.   Thanksgiving was a blur, I'm sure I still came across as really bitchy no matter how hard I tried to suppress it.  We opted not to tell our friends and family that we are doing IVF, mainly because I didn't feel like answering a thousand questions.  So I'm sure my bitchiness did not go over too well.  

Things pretty much went down hill for me after one of my cousins announced that she was pregnant and not just a little pregnant.  She's about to be 8 months along, but says she just realized she was pregnant a few weeks ago when she passed out at work thinking she may have had "high blood pressure", went to the doctor and found out she was in fact pregnant.  She was not happy about her pregnancy, since she thought she was done having children (her son is 13-yrs old) and she certainly did not want anymore.   Honestly, I think she's still in absolute shock.  Wow, effortless!  While I, "the non-pregnant one" was walking around super sick and nauseous, she "the pregnant one" was prancing around with not one symptom.  Go figure!


  1. Wow - 8 months and she didn't know it?! How can that be...lucky lady. I'm sure she'll come around and get excited. I'm so sorry - that must have been really hard for you to hear...

  2. Hi... Just passed on a Liebster Award to you :)) That's amazing to not know !! I hate the moodiness.. hope yours improves. Thinking of you xoxo

    See link :

  3. Are you kidding??? Finding our you're pregnant- and only have a couple months to go? Wowzers. I can imagine that really screwed the Thanksgiving pooch.

    Good luck with your appt tomorrow- you'll be about a week off of my cycle!

  4. Hi from ICLW!

    There is nothing that is more irritating to me than an accidental pregnancy announcement. Ugh.

    Best of luck on your IVF!!!

  5. I'm here from ICLW. Congrats on your twins! This post caught my eye because of the Lupron mention. Did you do Lupron Depot for your endo? I'm on a 3 month treatment and hoping that it helps!